Vietnam Tung Ting

Greant Oolong tea, light fermentation.
This Tung Ting is a delicious Vietnamese version of the famous Formosa tea called "Icy Mist of the Mountaintops". The preparation method for the Tung ting has been scrupulously respected. Grown in the mountains of the heart of vietnam, this lightly fermented Oolong (25%) is an example of the Chinese method for preparing green Oolong teas. theleaves, jade-green with blue highlights, are hand-rolled and folded into pealrs. The golden yellow liquor reveals in the cup flavours od dried fruits and honey with floral echoes. Low in theine, it is best enjoyed during the day as well as in the evening.
More details about this tea
  • Logo Temperature 90°C
  • Logo Time 6-8 min
  • Logo Moment Late afternoon

13,00 €

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