Gyokuro Uji

Exceptional grand cru Gyokuro green tea from Japan with mild iodic notes of seaweed.
Grand cru green tea from Japan rolled in handsome, dark green needles. This Gyokuro, famous for its exceptional gustatory qualities, is grown in the Uji region. It belongs to the class of shade-grown teas: the tea plants are covered with straw several weeks before the harvest, to deprive them of light. this method allows the essential oils to concentrate (notably the theine and chlorophyll) in the young tea leaves. The infusion yields a clear liquor mmarked with intense iodic notes. High in theine and vitamins B, C, andd E, the Gyokuro Uji is a strong morning tea. Unmissable.
More details about this tea
  • Logo Temperature 75°C
  • Logo Time 1-2 min
  • Logo Moment Morning

29,00 €

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