Mangalam SFTGFOP

Great black tea from Assam in India in whole leaves with notes of spices and honey.

A marvelous black tea from the Assam region, in the North-East of India, along the Brahmaputra river. This grand cru is characterized by a notable proportion of "tips", the golden buds of the plant. This garden is of the very high grade SFTGFOP Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, spelling a wealth of aromas. The large black leaves yield in the cup a coloured liquor exhaling notes of spices and honey with a wonderful long-lasting aftertaste. Strong and high in theine, this is an ideal tea for the morning.

More details about this tea
  • Logo Temperature 90°C
  • Logo Time 4min
  • Logo Moment Breakfast

11,00 €

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