Medina Tea

Green Sencha tea with berries and red currant fragrance.

Our Thé de la Médina is a maze of colours and flavours as riotous as the souks of the Middle-East. It is composed of green Sencha tea and a red berries blend rich in red currants. In the cup, it's a sweet, fruity tea, thirst-quenching and comforting. You can enjoy it all day long, it's as delicious hot as it is cold.


Medina Tea is also delicious iced. Let infuse in the fridge 14g (7 little spoons) of tea in 1 litre of fresh water for about 5 hours.

More details about this tea
  • Logo Temperature 90°C
  • Logo Time 3min
  • Logo Moment All day long

6,00 €

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